At Quality Trailers, we manufacture a broad line of fender equipment trailers to fit any need. This includes three different types of trailer.

The Fender Equipment Trailer line is built with a heavy duty all-channel frame. The floor is even with the top of the frame. Two loading systems are available. The traditional equipment trailer model features a dovetail and swing-up loading ramps for easy and safe loading of your equipment. We also offer a tilt bed equipment trailer with a fixed front section. This popular model eliminates the need for ramps to load your equipment.

The Skid Steer Trailer line features the traditional equipment trailer style with swing-up loading ramps. The floor sits lower in this trailer and there is a lip down the sides of the bed. We also offer a full tilt model with angle iron frame. This trailer is great for loading a single piece of equipment – especially when using in a more confined loading and unloading area such as a city construction site.

Every model features as standard a heavy duty frame, heavy gauge diamond plate fenders, adjustable coupler or pintle hitch, and rubber mounted sealed beam lighting. All professional grade models have as standard features a sealed modular U.S. made wiring harness with a five year manufacturers warranty. All lights are fully enclosed in light boxes. Wood floor models use treated flooring. A high quality paint job completes every model. Diamond plate floor and gooseneck hitch are available options on most models.